Second Chance Animal Shelter Society 2011 AGM

September 14th, 2011 @ 7:00 pm

Hume Hotel – Emporium Room

Second Chance Animal Shelter Society welcomes the community to attend its Annual General Meeting on September 14th.  We will be discussing what has happened in the past year, how the Shelter is doing and what is needed to ensure it can continue to provide support to the animals in need of their forever homes.

The Society is looking for new board members that can actively support the Shelter to manage its operations and to grow our network of dedicated volunteers that help with animal care, fundraising and public involvement in animal welfare. If you have spare time
and are looking for a way to contribute to a great cause, please stop in and see if we are a fit for you.

Simply showing up is a great way to help develop awareness of our cause & spread the word of the needs of the animals in our community.

Thank you

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Dog in need of a special home…

Our beautiful girl Leena, who needs a special home

We have a beautiful girl puppy about 6 months old, named Leena. She’s gorgeous, loving and as sweet as can be. The reason she needs such a special home is that she was born without the last set of vertebrae and because of that is incontinent. We’ve got the bowel movements under control with regulated feedings, but she still urinates whenever she’s excited, and occasionally leaks. We’ve started her on some medicine that will hopefully help with at least the leaks, but we’re still unsure at this point on how much it will help. She needs washing every day to make sure she doesn’t develop sores and to also keep her from being ‘fragrant’.
We want to ensure that she is going to go to a home that isn’t just going to stick her in the back yard. Leena loves cuddles and we don’t want her to ever be neglected.
A good option is to use doggy diapers for when she is in the house. I, personally (Brianne), am willing to supply washable doggy diapers for her.
If anyone out there knows of someone who is willing to take on this high maintenance bundle of joy (and won’t get fed up with the messes after a couple years) please tell them about this loving girl, Leena. They can contact us (Second Chance Animal Shelter) at 250-352-2228 or

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Thank YOU!!!

Last night Kootenai Moon Furniture hosted a fashion show for Cottons and Esprit de la Femme, donating the proceeds to us (Second Chance Animal Shelter) and collecting food items for the Food Bank. It was fantastic! The clothes were beautiful, the lingerie seductive and the hosts very inviting! We would like to thank Kootenai Moon Furniture, Cottons and Esprit de la Femme for all their hard work and being SO generous to donate all of the proceeds! And, of course, thanks to all of those who attended for their donations and support!!

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Here to help unwanted pets in Nelson!

We are a non-profit, no kill animal shelter. Because sadly there are so many animals in Nelson that are lost, abandoned or surrendered, we feel there is need for such a facility. We are located next to Nelson Animal Hospital at 2124 Ymir Road, just a few minutes drive from downtown Nelson.

We want to be part of the local community and as such we encourage you to come and visit us. We need volunteers to walk, groom and play with the dogs and pet the cats. If there is anyone out there that is keen on fundraising we could definately use your help and/or ideas.

If you have the time and space at home we are looking for temporary foster homes for dogs and cats. We provide food, kennels, litter, litter boxes and anything else you might need. For our fostered dogs, we can house them during the day while you are at work as well.

For those who are considering relinquishing their animals we are here to help. We can offer support, advice, help in finding them a new home or a place to stay while we find them a forever home.

You can call us (250) 352-2228 or email us at if you have any questions.

Check out for our available pets up for adoption.

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